Viruses – Why Do I Keep Getting Viruses On My Computer!?

If I had a dollar (well maybe 5 dollars) for every time I have been asked this question I would be a millionaire. There are enormous amounts of reasons you get viruses over and over again. And… its probably because what you are visiting on the web or downloading. Before I start this, I am going to combine the term virus and malware into one. In a future blog I will separate the differences… But for the computer illiterate, (whom get these viruses the majority of the time) lets keep malware and viruses the same for now.

So lets go over some basic ways to avoid these viruses…

1. Please, read before you click!
Yes, I know we live in a world divulged in many long winded and extravagantly long novels-for-agreements all revolving around what conditions you must sign, what issues are they not liable for and what is their property ownership…But do scan it just a second please. I guarantee 90% of things most people download will have so much bloat added to it that a virus will surely occur. Notice after a few Mahjong downloads or ‘next’ button clicks your browser bar is suddenly loaded with dozens of things you have never seen? New search bars, shortcuts, websites and more. Please, read before the next button or you may get a lot of viruses. Avoid that impulse to just keep clicking because the people who create viruses know how much humans just love driving in the fast lane.

2. Untrusted sites.
I prefer SSL sites unless I already am very familiar with them. If the warning comes up, back out unless you know the site well. Essentially you are letting the unknown happen when you click yes to proceed forward. Of course, bad design/programming the trusted sites can become untrusted. Which is why I mention unless you know the site very well indeed. If your computer tells you there is a warning, back out unless you are 100% sure it is okay. Have I repeated myself enough?

3. Downloading from unknown users.
This goes without saying. If you are going to frequent The Pirate Bay or related sites, just prepare for viruses okay? Know what to click on and what not to click on… Look at leechers/seeders. This is very very basic stuff. And no matter what it can always get tricky so just prepare. Make a backup if need be, use a system you don’t care to get infected and scan it before moving it to your main PC.

4. Get an anti-virus!
And not Norton. Look at this link and remember what this looks like because you never want it. Get a legit anti-virus… Like… Kaspersky or Bitdefender for example. Not praising either but they are better than nothing and they do usually work pretty well. At least they will tell you when you are just reeling in viruses.

5. Weekly or bi-weekly scans and cache clearing.
Best way to check for bad things? Download CCleaner and Malwarebytes – please… You really won’t ever regret those decisions. You scan for the most basic things. It removes 90% of your problems and you don’t have to spend a lot of time doing it. Do this at least once every two weeks as I recommend.

If you are still having issues with PC problems, updates, viruses, malware and more call, send us an email or stop by our office.

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