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Great website design is critical to your website. Users of websites understand this. It gets frustrating when you can’t find what you are looking for when viewing a website, and using the search bar to find things can get quite annoying. Something that a lot of users do not realize though, is website design & hosting go hand-in-hand on many cases. Ever try and load a page on a website and it takes forever? You may think it is a website design error but in fact it may be the situation in which it is hosted. This article will discuss 3 key issues with how web design and hosting go hand-in-hand.

1. Loading speed issues. According to Kissmetrics you will lose 40% of your visitors if your website won’t load in less than 3 seconds. You can have near perfect web design for your site, but if it does not load then it is basically for nothing. The ideal load time is 1 second (which I will discuss why in a future blog).
It isn’t just the loss of user engagement that slow loading speed has on your website, but an SEO factor as well. Google considers load time as a ranking factor for your website. Again, you may have great website design for SEO but it will not help if your hosting is poor quality.

2. Website design layout issues. Organic content is one of the best factors for SEO. Content determines an enormous amount of factors for crawling, SEO and ranking. However, the fact is clear. The majority of users are not actually reading your content. They don’t care or have the attention span for it. They are scanning it and doing so very quickly. The website design layout can be even more problematic if many things are loading and your hosting service cannot provide it. Think of how many websites you have went to and clicked the back button because it was loading too slowly. This issue is separate from a loading speed issue as it may be a critical flaw in the website design.

3. Support issues. All under one roof is the best strategy. When an issue occurs with your website the support from multiple vendors can be troublesome. One company could be handling the mail, one company the DNS, and one company the actual hosting spot. When an issue occurs, having to deal with multiple companies on different schedules can take awhile to get a simple issue fixed. Support is much more effective if the same company does the website design & hosting. That company will know the insides and out of the website in the event of issues occurring.

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