A few years back, technology finally progressed to the point where virtualization became very feasible for a wide variety of business clients. Virtualization became a real game changer for the data centers and IT companies that managed both small and large businesses. For both the companies administrating virtualized services and the clients using it – the advantages are tremendous. Here I am listing 4 main benefits of why companies both large and small should be have virtualized services.

1. Consolidation.
By reducing the amount of physical servers you possess into virtual servers, you will have tremendous benefits of computing efficiency.
Your data center footprint will be next to none with less networking gear, less power costs, less cooling costs, less rack space and less floor space.
Many software programs will also integrate easier and be swifter.

2. Cost Savings.
The above mention of consolidation talks about the cost savings you have from the virtualized server vs physical server. Another cost saving factor is the amount of personnel and administration costs you put into dealing with physical servers. With virtualization, those cost factors are heavily decreased and allow your personnel to spend their time on other more important projects.

3. Server backup and restoration.
With virtualization, backup and data restoration is extremely efficient. You get the same options as physical machine backups but with more options. An example of this is a snapshot. Virtualized services also allows your operating system to be treated like either a single file or small number of files. This allows your entire server to be backed up so that every file, folder, application and settings are captured. Many backups can even be done 24-7 and while your employees are actively using their workstations.

4. It can be faster and less hardware.
With virtualization your workstations can simply run faster. It separates the hardware layers and software layers in the IT infrastructure. This creates a scalable and flexible platform that can lead to faster work stations that have less hardware compared to others. The server can allocate resources so you are not bound to the typical limited capacity of physical machines.

Are you interested in virtualization?
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