Indiana technology in the classroom

Educational technology in the classroom and eLearning makes twenty-first century learning possible.

For well over two decades there has been an increased call for greater technology in the classroom utilization. Some school systems had success early on and saw the growing benefits of using the new technology. Unfortunately, for the vast majority of school systems, the progress has been slow, sporadic or completely non-existent until recently.

This day and age technology in the classroom is inevitable. It is growing, it is benefiting both students, faculty, and it is saving school corporations vast amounts on their yearly budget.

PHN Solutions, INC works with multiple school corporations to incorporate new technology in the classroom and upgrade existing technology that is already in place. Our experience with multiple school systems isn’t just about delivering the quickest and most accurate fix for a technology related issue, but also in our communication with the school personnel. Performing IT work is only half of effectively administering technology in the classroom. The other half is being able to explain and communicate how to use the technology to administrators, faculty, staff, and students. Taking the time, being available 24-7-365, having staff that is personable, can communicate well, friendly and genuine is what PHN Solutions, INC delivers.

The benefits of technology in the classroom and eLearning are numerous. From cost savings, having staff dedicated to education (not your IT), distant education, individual student pacing, easy management and easily upgraded are just a few.

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There is resistance of technology in the classroom as well, although we believe that teachers are open to and very capable of change. But the very nature of their job means they are not blind risk-takers within their profession. Being entrusted with the intellectual and physical well being of our children means that embracing change can sometimes be cumbersome. Technology is rapidly changing and that speed can sometimes result in the inability or unwillingness to embrace it. We know how to communicate and translate the importance to those individuals – we have hundreds of times. This is what we mean by the ability to communicate, show how to use the technology and explain the picture for one to understand.

We love technology – we help it move along. We love education. We love our school systems as they are centers for our future. That is why we dedicate so much of our resources to technology in the classroom.

If you are looking for an experienced information technology company to help with your school corporation needs, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately. PHN Solutions, INC offers a FREE free walk through, consultation and price quote on your eLearning and technology in the classroom needs.

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