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I moved to Evansville, Indiana a few years back to attend the University of Southern Indiana and major in Computer Science and Engineering (Electrical engineering as a minor). One thing that stood out about this town was the quality of PC repair being done. Many of my friends back then wouldn’t take the time to really review and research places to take their computers. While I fixed some for friends, the majority of my time was devoted to school and an internship programming web applications. The people I knew who I couldn’t get to would typically go to Best Buy and their Geek Squad subsidiary. Almost always they would complain about their issues not being resolved, data lost (that was promised to be intact), the amount of time it took and of course the cost. Now, without doubt there are other places in town to get your PC repair done at, but again, there were often issues at these other places as well.

So how can you tell if a PC repair business is legit?

1. Do research! A simple and quick look in a search browser can immediately give you and idea of how happy customers are with a particular business. Think of how people review restaurants on Urbanspoon. This applies to businesses as well and it doesn’t take a long time to browse a few reviews and get an idea. Mind you, often times the people who do reviews are the ones unhappy. So take that in consideration. However, an overwhelming amount of negative feedback can give you an idea. If you were thinking of trying a restaurant but their reviews were in the 30% to 50% recommended, would you go? No! This applies the same to the PC repair business as well.

2. Check the BBB. While this doesn’t always show a vast amount of information, it also gives you an idea. If a business has been opened for a couple of years but has a lot of complaints filed with the BBB, I would recommend not using them regardless of other feedback. Multiple BBB complaints is more than just a negative review. That customer was angry enough to take a lot of time filing it.

3. Stop by the business and check it out. Often times, this is possibly the best way to tell. If you go to a business to get your PC repair and they either don’t offer you a cheap evaluation or can answer your questions quickly with confidence and experienced answers, don’t go. If you feel like you are getting the run around, don’t commit.

4. Browse the company’s website. This one can be a bit iffy. If the person or business you are going to doesn’t have a website, I wouldn’t automatically hold that against them. I know quite a few people who are experts at PC repair that don’t have a website, or the one they do is a landing page with some contact information – I wouldn’t hold it against them. However, if the site they do have is full of grammatical errors and unprofessional then that is a different story. If the business is large, offers other IT services and their website is atrocious then that reflects negatively as well. If a larger company that offers PC repair and other IT services has a poor website then that gives you an idea of how much they care about their work.

5. Check to see if the person doing your work has experience. This one can be very important, because larger PC repair companies, even with good reviews, have to hire new employees from time to time. You don’t want to pay premium price to be the guinea pig for someone is who is just learning the ropes. Also, watch out for all those certifications they boast about (a lot of them are not relevant). A good sign to me that a person is “blowing themselves up” is them listing half a dozen worthless, irrelevant IT certifications on their email signatures and plastering the things all over the walls at their office. You can train a Chimpanzee to pass the CompTIA A+. Mind you, some certifications do matter. Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) or an Apple Certified Mac Technician (ACMT) Certification are genuinely warranted. Unfortunately, they are often the only means used to convince clients that they are qualified to do the work.

Of course at PHN Solutions, INC and Dr. Computer we have our certifications – meaningful ones. The difference is we don’t act like those certs are what makes us great. Our experience, being intelligent and caring about customers are worth far more than those pieces of paper. These reasons are why we are the fastest growing managed services provider in the Evansville, Indiana area.

If you are needing PC repair, network support, data backup and recovery, server or desktop virtualization, hosting services, SEO analysis, website design and website development, then contact us. You can give us a call, drop by the office or send us an email.

Regardless if you choose us or another provider, please do your research beforehand.

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