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When I moved to Owensboro, KY I immediately fell in love with the town. The first thing I noticed passing over the bridge was Smothers Park on my right and the golden Kentucky state on my left. My wife’s family is from Owensboro. They have farmed and ran businesses in this town for years untold. Moving here was a decision based on the religious atmosphere, the community, safety, type of schools, and the landscape beauty. And apparently, I am told, that Owensboro is growing with millennials at a fast rate.

Deciding to plant my roots in this town meant that I had to find a church and work; which is why I decided to start Owensboro Web Design. There were a few web companies in town, but most seemed to lean towards Evansville, IN. Competition always makes for better prices and products in a free market society. I wanted to give the small and large businesses of this town the best web design in terms of quality, pricing, communication, and overall relationships.

And this is just one of the many ways PHN Solutions, Inc. approach website designs so differently than our competitors. Owensboro Web Design is a passion.

The design process.

So, how will the web design process be? If this is updating your current website, I ask a variety of questions. But first, I schedule an in person meeting. There we discuss your needs, my proposed ideas, and relevant questions. I use a program called Basecamp that clients are added to, in order to let everyone be able to manage progress on work done. It allows everyone to make notes, have to do lists, notify when work is completed, etc.

If this is a new website, then I start with a website specifications sheet that ensures your requirements are outlined and also communicated to me. During the initial development phase, I create a website that you can view while it is in progress. You see live changes being made during its design. This allows you to monitor the progress in real time. I follow through this initial phase with extensive quality assurance testing. Typically, I recommend WordPress. This allows you to make your own changes to the website. You don’t have to call me and pay for changes to text, phone numbers, information, employees, and anything you need.

We offer free estimates. You can also email me for a free estimate, give me a call, or meet me in person. I will answer any questions and give recommendation at no charge. Web design is a big commitment. This is, after all, your business on a 24-7 worldwide marketing platform.

We are located in Evansville, IN and Owensboro, KY. We understand small businesses as we are one. Our insight and understanding of budget constraints sets us apart. For a free consultation, send us an email, give us a call, or drop by our office location.

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