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Choosing which type of network server is an important decision for any business to make. What is arguably more important though is who is installing the network server. PHN Solutions, INC has become a leading expert in not only new, complete network server & services installation, but also in our ability of straightening out networks that are a complete and total mess.
Here are a few small guidelines on how to choose a provider for a new network, or if you should switch from your current provider.

Having big clients doesn’t necessarily guarantee that the IT company you are looking at possesses the skill sets you need. Also, if the provider has lots of large clients and your business is a relatively small one, your level of support may be impacted because of that. It is a sad but true fact that I have seen companies I know were competent deliver less than acceptable support to certain clients. This was done simply because they focused more on the high dollar clients and not the little man. Take this into consideration.

Networks shouldn’t crash consistently or have difficulties in being fluid. Skilled network servers & services provider should be able to guarantee this to their clients. Nothing can be more frustrating or embarrassing to a business than having their clients or customers face difficulties doing transactions due to the faulty configuration of a network. If you experience these difficulties consistently then it is time you change your provider.

Ask away! If a network engineer can’t deliver you a quick and appropriate answer then it is obvious he doesn’t know. The IT world is constantly changing and evolving. So no single network engineer is going to know the answer to every question you ask, but if their unable to give you answers to questions that are simple then go somewhere else. Research should be left to the intricate, not the obvious. Any legit network servers & services company will agree on this.

I worked for a company that used to try and have all new and potential clients be sold on new network equipment. If something was Cisco, they would talk them into switching completely over to Juniper. Why you would ask? Kickbacks of course. And Juniper gives better ones than Cisco. Both Cisco and Juniper provide their own unique features and both are good. But if a network servers & services company is trying to switch you completely over from one or the other, and your equipment is fine, then run as fast away from them as you can.

One thing I have noticed over the years is that companies are hesitant about switching over to a new provider. I’ve always assumed that is because of their provider being familiar with the network, not believing another provider can make an easy transition and because they personally know the network engineers they are dealing with. So they will continue to stick with the same network servers & services provider they have, even when support and quality is lacking or downright horrible/ borderline criminal. Don’t fall under the premise that it will be difficult to switch providers. If you have been getting terrible services from your network servers & services provider then simply switch.

If you are needing a new network quote/estimation or network servers & services, stop by our office, give us a call or send us an email about questions or concerns before getting your services from somewhere else.

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