Evansville Websites in Evansville, Indiana and the surrounding tri-state.

Peoples Trust and Savings Bank made for Evansville Websites.

There are two different Evansville Websites fields – there is web design and web development. Web design is about the aesthetics, look, and feel of the website. It correlates with how it flows from one design aspect to another. Web development is the actual code writing. It is ensuring things run smoothly and that each new update doesn’t crash the old system.

We made sure that Peoples Trust and Savings Bank made all the secure and right choices. PHN Solutions, Inc. wanted secure website design for a business of this stature.

A major issue with a lot of web designers is that they have a good idea in their head of what it should look like. However, they can’t seem to properly program the website without issue. It is critical for a client to know they are selecting a web designer that is also a web developer.

web designer != web developer

In the industry, Evansville Websites designers are called front-end, while Evansville Websites developers are labeled as back-end. The two combined is what is known as a full-stack developer. At PHN Solutions, Inc., we are full-stack developers. Also, we specialize in WordPress and in ASP.NET. Therefore, we take a well rounded approach to issues. We design first, and then we develop based off client needs.

PHN Solutions, Inc. has clients ranging from Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky. We understand the mindset of both business owners and customers in this area. Also, being born and raised here, we want to see it prosper. If you are needing web design or web development, give us a shout. Our consultations are free.

Contact us by sending an email, giving us a call or dropping by our office location.

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