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If you’ve been looking around for a website designer then you’ve probably heard or seen the term ‘mobile web’ a few times. The mobile web is a vast and confusing place if you’re new to the world of the web, but, whether you have an existing website or you’re planning on hiring a local Evansville website designing team to build one for you, you’re probably only wondering one thing about the mobile web, do you need it?

What is the Mobile Web?
The mobile web is technically any part of the web designed for mobile use. For the most part, that means websites and menus which re-size or adjust or are sized properly for phones and tablets. Because traditional websites are often too big to display properly, or display so small that it is impossible to read or select the menus comfortably, the mobile web makes using the web easier.

Do You Have Mobile Traffic?
If you already have a website, then the easiest way to see if mobile website designing could benefit you is to check your mobile traffic. If you have any analytics program (the free version from Google will do the trick), you can easily check to see which percentage of your visitors visit on a browser vs. a tablet or phone. Some will even tell you the specific devices such as Samsung Galaxy or iPhone that you’re getting your traffic from.

If you don’t have a website or don’t have analytics (or don’t know how to use your analytics) then you can also go by general statistics. Right now, mobile usage is trending upwards, more than 60% of users research shops, restaurants, and stores on their phone before visiting them, and more than 70% of consumers research products and cross compare them on their phone before purchasing. Essentially, if you sell products, have a store, or have anything that users may want to research online first, then the mobile web could directly impact your sales.

What Are My Options?
There are multiple options for anyone who wants to have a website that’s compatible with the mobile web, but sometimes the best thing to do is to talk to your Evansville website designing team about your needs and your site first. Some websites work well with mobile websites set up separately, although these do have their issues with search engine optimization and duplicate content. You can set your website to automatically re-direct to your mobile version whenever someone logs on from a mobile device. You can also have your Evansville website designing team set up a responsive web design that re-sizes based on your visitors, but this isn’t always ideal.

The Bottom Line.
Mobile website designing isn’t just a need – it has become a must. Even for the people who don’t purchase things off of their phones, they still get on them and browse or look around for things that they want and will potentially buy. It is a means for people to be able to search for items while on the go or in waiting periods.

Do you want to talk about which mobile web option is best for your Evansville Website Designing? Stop by our office, give us a call or send us an email to discuss the needs for your Evansville website designing.

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