Laptop Repair by experts you can trust

Laptop repair should not be any more difficult or different than desktop repair. Yes, some hardware is obviously different but the basics are the same. At PHN Solutions, INC we understand that your entire business may be on your laptop. Every day it is out of commission you are losing money, clients, and their trust. That is why we make laptop repair a quick priority to get you back in business.

Here I will list 4 common issues that result in needing laptop repair.

1. Liquid spills… This is extremely common with laptops, given the nature of how convention they can be while sitting on the couch, chair or bed. Having to eat while working is common and spilling your drink occurs. When a spill occurs, immediately turn off the laptop (DO NOT TURN IT BACK ON) and flip it over so it is upside down. There are many issues, depending on how much and what was spilled, that can occur. It is important that you bring it in as soon as possible so that we can properly clean, dry and replace anything that may need it.

2. Laptop is slow! This is most likely due to having an infection with spyware or malware. You can tell if you have a virus if its jumping around, redirects you to sites that request for you to call or pay, and redirects you to other infected sources. It may also just have background programs running and be low on memory and need parts upgraded. We can easily fix whatever scenario it is and typically have it back to you within a day.

3. LCD issue is causing the screen to be dim/not seen at all. LCD issues can be a number of things. You may just have a part that is going out and needs replaced. You may have a driver issue and need a new one installed. An update, if its a Windows computer, could have caused an issue as well. LCD laptop repair troubleshooting is a breeze for us and we will have an answer for you quickly.

4. Laptop will not hold a charge! This is almost always caused by a bad battery. Buying a new battery and power chord will typically fix this issue. However, there could be other hardware issues going on as well. We always recommend bringing it by and letting us look at it before spending money on a battery you may or may not need.

If you are looking for an experienced computer company that has done thousands of different laptop repair jobs, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately. PHN Solutions, INC offers a FREE free consultation, recommendation and price quote on your computer needs.

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