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Evansville Information Technology Company servicing Southern Illinois, Southern Indiana, and Western Kentucky.

If you found this blog post, you are likely in search of an information technology company in your area. Maybe your current provider isn’t cutting it for you. Or maybe you are starting out new and just need one. Regardless, finding an Evansville information technology company is a big deal. There is a huge amount of trust and chemistry that goes on between the client and provider.

PHN Solutions, Inc. is a full service provider. We have three primary departments that are categorized as desktop computers, network administration, and website development. This triad of services lets us fully manage a company’s information technology needs.

Computer Repair

Our computer repair department manages everything related to the workstations. It involves building computers for your business. That may involve order bulk machines for dozens of work stations. We manage all printer situations for your business. In the event a machine gets infected, we repair those computers and remove the viruses. Also, it involves giving regular monthly maintenance to these machines. This ensures the updates and licensing are as they should be. It goes over any unknown viruses or malware. Lastly, it makes sure there aren’t any other services needed for the machines.

Network Administration

The network administration department handles everything server related. This involves building servers for your business. Also, we set up the routers and switches. Then, we add the rules for your business. During this, we manage your active directory and firewall/sonic wall. Also, we host mail and filter it for clients. This also involves monthly maintenance to make sure everything is up to par.

Website Development

PHN Solutions, Inc. is both website designers and developers. We both draw up the wire frames and mock-ups. Then, we code the website according to the specifics that the client needs. We host websites on a scalable methodology. Also, we perform clients online search engine optimization (SEO) and online marketing.

We love answering questions. Don’t be shy to give us a call or send us an email to ask any questions.

At PHN Solutions, Inc., we are a full service provider. These skill sets are also known as a managed service provider. Also, we specialize in Microsoft and Apple. Therefore, we take a well rounded approach to issues.

PHN Solutions, Inc. has clients ranging from Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky. We understand the mindset of both business owners and customers in this area. Also, being born and raised here, we want to see it prosper. If you are needing computer services, network servics, or website development, give us a shout. Our consultations are free.

Contact us by sending an email, giving us a call or dropping by our office location.

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