Evansville Custom Built Computers by experts you can trust

Deciding whether or not to purchase a custom built computer or the traditional store bought (off the shelf) computer can be troubling at times for consumers. Not knowing what parts to order, length of time for arrivals, which brands to purchase which specifics from, putting it all together and who to do it are just a few reasons consumers go for the store bought computers.

But it is wrong. Custom built computers have tremendous advantages. I will simply list three main advantages below.

1. You get EXACTLY what you WANT! With custom built computers you get exactly what you want. You want a top of the line power machine that is going to absolutely crush the requirements of the latest games? Or do you want something that will just let you browse the web, do some business work and type documents? You aren’t buying a one size fits all with custom built computers. It is designed specifically around your needs so you aren’t in the situation of never having enough or having too much that you didn’t want.

2. Cost effective. Buying a store bought computer and expecting high performance is much more expensive than if you built your own. This is because of mark up prices from the various companies that have a piece of the computer you bought. Multiple small markups add quickly and raise the price you should pay for a computer tremendously. At PHN Solutions, INC we charge for base price of parts and the time it takes to put it together only – no hidden fees.

3. No bloatware or junk! None! I am amazed at the amount of bloatware (all the worthless stuff) on computers that stores have installed prior to purchase. It increases every year and is truly amazing at how annoying it is. Companies do this for many reasons – they get paid, they hope you end up using it (they get paid again if it is a subscription) and it is free advertising for their business. It is a norm for store bought – not for custom built computers.

If you are looking for an experienced computer company that has done thousands of custom built computers, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately. PHN Solutions, INC offers a FREE free consultation, recommendation and price quote on your computer needs.

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