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Experts in Cisco and Juniper networks

PHN Solutions, Inc. offers Evansville computer networks that WORK. This is a field we pride ourselves in. We are passionate and love breaking new barriers that others companies can not. Businesses thrive and rely on their computer networks. The benefits are enormous. The downside is that when those networks crash or come to a halt, then your business does too. That is why it is important that you have experts perform the work for you.

Cheap infrastructure and setup for computer networks is the same as it is for anything else. You need reliable, cutting edge, ground breaking methods. You need systems in place to beat your competitor. Our specialty in computer networks is security, firewalls, network servers, wireless networks, print servers, network switches, network routers, data backup, desktop & server virtualization. We custom build and set up Evansville computer networks for specific business needs. We think outside the box, and that is why our clients succeed. Nothing is more satisfying than watching our clients stomp their competitors.

We also fix and repair computer networks that other companies set up for your business which are in a complete mess. Unfortunately, because of a wide variety of reasons, this happens extremely often. We are experts in untangling these issues.

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Setting up Evansville Computer Networks

Setting up computer networks isn’t enough. There is an ongoing process of management, security updates, and data backups. Our work doesn’t just end once it’s installed and physically placed at your business. We monitor for security threats, watch for issues that can slow your business down, and expand the infrastructure of your Evansville computer networks so they can grow with the business.

Located in Evansville, Indiana we are a locally owned and operated business. We love meeting our clients in person to discuss their situation and computer repair, support and service needs.

Contact us by sending an email, giving us a call or dropping by our office location.

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