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Simplistic, yet most effective – this is how PHN Solutions, INC approaches eLearning and the broader scope of technology in the classroom. At this point in time it is obvious that technology has changed the way that the classroom is being taught. From the use of personal computers, projectors, tablets, smartphones, distance education, interactive media devices, Promethean boards, etc. The list goes on and the different types of technologies that eLearning utilizes takes unique and special skill sets.

However, exceptional skill sets and technical expertise alone won’t make an effective technology service provider for a school corporation. At PHN Solutions, INC we focus not only on an expertise in a field we have a passion for, but for the best service, explanation, friendliness and social interaction with the administration, staff, teachers, and students. Being able to do the work perfectly is only half the game here. Being able to explain it effectively to staff and having wonderful communication is the other.

With that said, PHN Solutions, INC utilizes the many benefit of eLearning. Here we will list the 5 most common benefits that we give schools through eLearning.

1. Cost effectiveness is a huge one for school corporation budgets. Using eLearning software and tools that are created specific for school corporations, as opposed to the customized uses of the past, is an obvious huge plus to the budget. Too often are school corporations pigeon holed into past technology because the amount of customized software and applications they have. This not only leaves their technical staff and infrastructure in the past, but their ability to utilize eLearning for students as well.

2. Distance education can be viewed traditionally as an online class or an online training program. However, now distance education can also be viewed as something more – to get rid of those annoying extra summer days that the snow days added on to the end of the school year. Students can use their Chromebooks to finish assignments and start new ones from the convenience of home. These eLearning environments are secure, can be timed, browser locked, and may be restricted to have a certain period of time to turn in the assignments (in case of internet outage or lack thereof).

3. Self pacing is a huge time saving benefit of eLearning. Different students have different materials they are more knowledgeable about than other students. Being able to skip over the material you know and focus on the material you don’t know is a tremendous benefit compared to a “one size fits all” model.

4. Easily managed IT services is a benefit of eLearning. Class offering(s), schedules and training can be simplified and utilized much more effectively than traditional learning. Also, eLearning can also be managed in large group policies for staff and students – what they can view, what they can see, privileges, rights, etc.

5. Updating easily goes hand in hand with being easily managed as an eLearning benefit. Instead of updating individual software(s) from multiple sources, eLearning can come packaged and mass update available. This falls in line with our managed service model where we can push out all the updates from the servers.

If you are looking for an experienced IT company to help with your school corporation needs, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately. PHN Solutions, INC offers a FREE free walk through, consultation and price quote on your eLearning and technology in the classroom needs.

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