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As discussed in July, digital marketing is an extremely important factor for your business. Almost everyone these days go to their phone or computer and look up places via Google Maps, Apple Maps, or some other form. They browse not only the location but reviews and websites. Part 2 will be covering the website online presence and factors that make the site stand out.

1. Responsive Website. Not that long ago a website was done purely for a desktop computer. Resolution sizes started to play a factor but the term responsive wasn’t given. Now, mobile viewing of websites actually surpasses that of traditional means! Digital marketing has changed enormously in the past few years and websites that aren’t even that old have began to fall behind. Currently, Google commands the majority of online search engines. They demand, for favorable SEO presence, responsive websites. This will only play an even bigger factor in the future.

2. Infrastructure and layout. Digital marketing is usually only seen for the face of it in layout. However, website infrastructure is key. The WordPress CMS is highly optimized in its design for online presence. Other CMS’s such as Joomla and Drupal are not – and in my opinion suck for SEO. Static pages (the traditional website) need to have well designed infrastructure for digital marketing to be accessed. Besides what the web developer does for the back-end of the site, the front-end (the layout), is equally important. Design, item location, marketing statistic based layout and grid patterns all play important roles for a website. Enormousness amounts of money are poured into this field yearly with statistics revealing the necessary locations for design. It is important that your website developer knows exactly how digital marketing is going hand in hand with development.

3. Powerful SEO. SEO (search engine optimization) is a keyword that is hurled around daily among digital marketing. It is the number one most important thing for a website. After all, why have a website if no one knows about it? SEO is a skill that takes time, dedication and a deep knowledge of what to do. It changes almost daily in certain aspects and takes constant up to date methods for a developer to stay in touch. Digital marketing is hand in hand with SEO. When getting a website created, updated or optimized, it is essential that you want a developer that knows SEO!

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