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Digital Marketing really is an umbrella term. It encapsulates such a wide variety of different measurements that a simple blog on it’s entirety would do it no justice. Part 1 will be covering the social media aspect and why business should care about that type of digital marketing.

1. Reviews.
It goes without saying that the younger generations realize the importance and power of social media. Every restaurant I visit, every store I purchase from and every item I think of buying – I look up the reviews. I read the reviews of certain businesses on Facebook, Google+ or Yelp. I also have to take into consideration the size of the business, the amount of reviews and the type of verbiage in the feedback. In this regard, the digital marketing isn’t even being done by the business – it’s a natural process of the internet community.

2. Online Presence.
Simply put, if a business does not have either a Facebook, Google+, Twitter or LinkedIn page, then I am highly skeptical of it. An online presence of social media for digital marketing is a huge deal. The lack of one gives a reason to become skeptical as to why they do not have one. Google+ especially gives validation for if a business is authentic or not. A social media digital marketing presence is a must. As a web developer I have even been shocked when I have seen many successful businesses only utilize social media for the online presence. These businesses did not even have a website associated with them yet they utilized the digital marketing of social media in such a way that there was less of a need for a website. Now that is some power.

3. It is extremely easy and time effective.
Contrary to a lot of what I hear people say, setting up social media for digital marketing doesn’t have to take a lot of time. It is also extremely easy to set up and can be done so in a short amount of time. One common mistake I do see a lot with using social media for digital marketing is what I call a short term burst. I will see businesses that created a page and updated it consistently, multiple times a week for maybe the first six months. After that period it becomes a ghost page. Maybe every few months, if that, an update will occur.
Slow and steady is the best approach if you do not think you will dedicate a lot of time for social media. Your digital marketing is vital so your success and you do not want to have a giant advertisement that makes potential clients feel like your business is either dead or dying.

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