Data Recovery & Disaster Prevention

I am surprised by the number of businesses that do not have a disaster prevention plan for their data. Eventually, everyone will experience an issue that will inevitably have them lose data – human error, file corruption, hardware failure or a site related issue. Then, the gruesome work of data recovery takes place. Usually data recovery is possible. Sometimes data recovery isn’t. This is truly why a proactive measure needs to be taken place.

What does data loss mean for my business?
Well, it doesn’t mean anything good – obviously. Here a few statistics for an eye opener on businesses that experience data loss:

1. 43% of businesses never reopen after major data loss.
2. 93% of businesses that lost their data center for 10 days or more filed for bankruptcy within one year of the disaster.
3. The average cost per record that a company loses is $200.

Okay, okay the statistics are horrifying. Of course one does need to wonder when these statistics are being pushed, ranted and raved about by the companies that benefit from selling their data recovery and disaster prevention software / hardware. Regardless (and not to back peddle) the numbers are certainly high. I’ve watched plenty of businesses fail shortly after disaster strikes. Sometimes it is a quick, surprising death. And sometimes the business drags and suffers and slowly sinks into the pit of despair.

What can be done about all of this data recovery and disaster stuff?
The benefit of having a managed service provider is that they take preventative measures constantly. At PHN Solutions, INC we monitor our clients so issues don’t occur. This probably prevents 90% of issues that could have occured. Of course… internal theft, a tornado barreling out of the sky or simple hardware failure could happen.

So have backups, and have a few. PHN Solutions, INC likes the idea of having an onsite backup at your business, a cloud backup that we have at our office and another backup in the cloud on one of our partners locations (such as Azure). Have a nightly incremental backup and then a full backup done (copied and put on the side) on the weekends. Clear the clutter every so often so massive amounts of storage isn’t taking place, or make it a monthly full backup. This way if you need data that was lost a day, two days or a few months ago – you can have it.

What if I only have a small amount of data – is it still worth it?
Short answer – yes. Data recovery and data disaster plans are scalable. Even if your business only has half a dozen workstations and you have a small server you should do these backups. The less you have, the cheaper. So do it! Backup your data!

If you are in need of having data recovery on your personal PC or your entire business network, give us a call, send us an email or stop by our office.

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