Custom CRM & Application Development

Almost every business needs a CRM (customer relationship management) system for their operations. Many large software vendors have dozens of out-of-the-box solutions. Salesforce, SAP and Oracle are just a few to name. The difficulty with these are their implementation into the existing business and their inflated costs. So the question becomes – do you need a custom CRM? Should you hire a software developer to create your own custom CRM and bypass the headache of trying to figure out if or which out-of-box CRM’s can do all or some of your business needs?

Here are a few reasons for having a custom CRM developed for you.

1. You get EXACTLY what you want!
Out-of-box CRMs have to be appealing to a wide variety of businesses in order to be sold and generate enough money. This gives complexity, integration issues and large amounts of features you do not need or want. To make matters worse, even with having dozens of features you still might night have the ones you want or need. With a custom CRM you get exactly what you need and everything you want.

2. It will be cheaper in the long run!
While it may sound appealing to pay licence fees per user at first, the bill over a span of years ends up being more costly than a product you can own and is your product forever. Also to take into consideration and the user usage. While some users may log into the application daily, others may only log in once a week. However, you still pay the same amount per licence fee. Having a solid custom CRM application that will last your business decades is more efficient than paying higher prices for short goals.

3. You can customize one you have had built!
I’ve customized a number of out-of-box CRM’s and they are usually very difficult and annoying. Granted, some are easier than others. Having your own custom CRM allows you to be able to make future changes where you want, when you want and how you want. You will not have the difficulty of going through half a dozen channels and support lines to receive answers from minuet questions.

4. It was built for your business!
As with anything, something customized for your specific need is going to be better than a cookie-cutter product. Being built specifically for your business allows the easy to use, non-complicated and headache free use. A custom CRM will deliver this as opposed to heavy out-of-box CRM’s.

If you are contemplating the needs, prices and scopes of a custom CRM call, send us an email or stop by our office.

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