Contracting website developers, systems engineers & computer technicians

Outsourcing information technology personnel is a very common practice and may a save a business quite a bit of money. On the other hand, it may cost them quite a bit of money if not done correctly. There are quite a few mistakes I see small businesses make in Evansville, Indiana when it comes to contracting website developers, systems engineers & computer technicians. Sometimes when a business throws a dart in the dark they hit a target, but unfortunately they often miss. This ends up costing them a lot of time, money and frustration in contracting website developers, systems engineers.

Even though it is just 3 months into the year, I have already had to fix numerous mistakes created by other companies. The clients of these companies come to us to fix the issues. While we do profit and make the clients happy, it is a not a primary feature that we want to market. Break-fix business models should not be around anymore and this is the primary reason managed service providers are so important. Here are a few things I wish everyone would read before you hire website developers, systems engineers & computer technicians on contract.

I cannot emphasis this enough! Before you hire ANYONE ask them about their past work. Have them show you their past work and write the clients name down. The work tells it all! Experience triumphs education and degrees. I don’t mean to downplay a college degree as I have my own computer science degree. But experience and past work is far more important. And those clients names you wrote down, do not be afraid to call them. Ask about their experience with whomever you are consideration to hire and see if they were happy with the work that was done.

Reviews are a good indicator at the overall ability of a business. Mind you, most people who write reviews are not the happy clients. However, you can generally read into the reviews and see if someone is being dramatic, exaggerating or if a business is just a plain scam. Check and see if they are BBB accredited ( this is ours ). Don’t expect perfect reviews as those can be fluffed. If you see something that is consistently low then that should tell you to stay far away.

If a business is primarily doing hardware support, but also offers some software services on the side, take that into consideration. Depending on the size and specialty of the project this may or may not be a big deal. This is why a managed services provider is especially important to recognize. They take into account ALL aspects of a businesses needs in relation to information technology.

Everyone loves a good deal and you would be crazy not to. With that said, I loathe at how many clients I have asked why they were contracting certain website developers, systems engineers & computer technicians only to say because they were the cheapest. Because someone is cheaper than another person doesn’t mean you are getting a deal. There is a reason their work is extremely cheap and it most likely has to do with quality. Trust me, research the standard market price for the service in your region and stick with something around that. Do not find a website developer for $15 an hour or a computer tech that will remove your virus for $20 bucks. I do not want to deal with that mess when it eventually winds up in our office. Cheaply contracting website developers, systems engineers & computer technicians is not the best way to go.

This guidance should be enough to help you with contracting website developers, systems engineers & computer technicians. Of course there is a lot more to this, but this should be a basis that you can build off of. Please, do research into who you hire. Ask tough questions, review past work, call past clients, take the project scope into consideration and if the deal is too good to be true then it probably is. Take all this into consideration before contracting website developers, systems engineers & computer technicians.

For any more questions regarding contracting website developers, systems engineers & computer technicians, contact PHN Solutions, INC.

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