Common Computer Problems

A large portion of what are considered common computer problems may be resolved by very simple and basic fixes. This isn’t to say that what you may be experiencing is one of them, but here are a few tips to go through if your computer is having any of these symptoms. These tips are based off of a Windows operating system.

Is your browser loading extremely slow? Are there massive amounts of junk, tool bars and other accessories on it? Do pop up ads appear from no where or your homepage or sites gets redirected to somewhere you didn’t want to go? These issues are caused by a lot of different possible computer problems. Most likely it is malware or when you downloaded something you just clicked the next button repeatedly without reading anything and got a good dose of bloatware. We live in an age where massive amounts of disclaimers, agreement information and terms to accept are thrown in front of us that are the size of doctoral dissertations. Companies know that as well which is why almost everything you download has some sort of bloatware attached to it. Awesome right? Well how do you get rid of it? How do you fix these computer problems?

Typically what I would suggest for a first step to remove bloatware would be to go to your control panel. If you do not know how to get to it, just type control panel in the search box when you click the windows icon in the far left corner of your screen (Windows 8 just click it and then click the search button in the top right). Look for ‘Uninstall a program’ and click on it. In front of you will display a list of applications that are installed on your computer. Don’t go too crazy on this if you don’t know what you are uninstalling because you can really mess things up and cause even more computer problems. But if you recognize something that shouldn’t be there then uninstall it.

If you don’t go down that route because you have a virus or malware, download some free cleaning tools. AdwCeaner is a good one I use. Another great one everyone should have is Malwarebytes. Lastly, and something to be done after the first two were ran is CCleaner. Again, don’t just spam the next button on these free programs because surely they contain some junk as well. Uncheck everything but the actual software you are downloading. Run the programs and let them do their work.

When that is complete, I suggest you go to your browser, go to settings, and reset everything back to the original settings. You won’t lose your favorites doing that either. If that does not work, come and see us at PHN Solutions, INC. You probably have issues that expert computer repair technicians need to address to fix such computer problems.

I believe we encounter these computer problems at least once a week where someone calls us because their ‘computer won’t start, but there is a light on their tower’. Most likely something isn’t plugged in. A lose cable from either the monitor or back of the tower is likely the issue. Double check both sides of the connection and see if it helps. If this doesn’t resolve the issue then there could be a number of things – monitor went out, some hardware went out, etc… We can figure out the computer problems and save you time, frustration and money by quickly discovering what the exact computer problems are.

Have your icons suddenly disappeared? Right click on your screen, click view and make sure ‘show desktop icons’ is checked. If that doesn’t work it is probably a bug on your operating system. Maybe it isn’t up to date, maybe something is installed that is butting heads or a variety of other reasons. If your data is missing and you are sure you didn’t misplace it, and cannot find it by searching for the file name the same way I described above how to find the control panel, shut off your computer and come see us. There is something extremely wrong going on at this point.

This can be a few issues just like all the others. You have a virus, massive amounts of malware, too many programs and applications installed or need additional hardware installed. Right click on the taskbar (the bar at the bottom of the screen with all the icons) and click Task Manager. Click on performance and it will show you how the hardware is running. If that looks fine then you have other computer problems and issues that we need to address in person.

If you hit the power button and nothing turn on, double check the cables and make sure it is plugged in. If other things work on the same outlet, and everything is tightly plugged in, you probably have a dead power supply. PHN Solutions, INC can install you a new one extremely quick and proficiently to solve your computer problems.

If you try and boot your computer and hear loud sounds, it is obviously a hardware issue. If its strange beeps then you should remove the panel and make sure your cards, ram and everything is tightly connected – something could have came lose. If its not beeping and sounds pretty bad then most likely a hard drive failure. Don’t be too freighted yet about losing your data because we can most likely recover it. Bring it in and let us take a look. We can order a new one and move the data for you over from the old to new.

The blue screen of death has taken over your computer. You have some sort of root issue(s) going on here. If you get this and you computer does come back alive, I suggest you scan for malware as mentioned above on how to do. Other issues could be drivers needing to be updated or having hardware problems. You could attempt a System Restore a well. Of course, as experienced computer repair technicians, we suggest you bring it in. Most likely this isn’t something a standard user can fix and may damage or lose all their data.

As with anything…
Please always make copies of your data. There are lots of different ways to do this. Personally I use two methods – I have an old school external hard drive I have that I will back up data to every so often and I use a cloud storage as well. I suggest using both. If something like CryptoLocker hits you, your data is most likely gone. This is why you need backups and copies of data. That external hard drive that is connected? It is gone too. Cryptolocker will go into it if it is connected to the PC. This is why I suggested cloud storage as well. Rarely can someone recover data from CryptoLocker, and once a key is deciphered by a company, CryptoLocker just changes the algorithms and keys and the mess starts all over again.

I can not stress this enough ALWAYS KEEP DATA BACKUPS. PHN Solutions, INC can formulate a plan for you for a cloud data backup. There are numerous methods and solutions we can provide for you personally or for your company at large.

Hopefully this article can help with some basic common computer problems. Remember, this is a generic overview. In depth explanations would simple be too long to explain and have too high of a potential for users to do serious damage to their computers and make their computer problems worse. If what was suggested above does not work, please send us an email, give us a call or drop by our office. We would love to discuss more about your computer problems!

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