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What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage has hundreds of different systems by which it can operate on – depending on the size of the business and the needs. At the most basic level, a cloud storage system needs just one data server that can be connected via the internet. The client(s) send their data to the server which copies all the files and records the information. It can be as simple as that. It can also be on hundreds of data servers, mirroring, copying and keeping certain levels of access quite restricted for security and privacy issues.

What is the benefit of going to the “Cloud”?
The benefits are many!
1. You can access your data 24/7 as long as there is an internet accessibility. This allows the business to be free of having to rely on a certain location to access their data. So instead of having to drive to the office to do your work, you can access it from the convenience of your home or wherever you may be.
2. Cloud data is scalable and its limit has no real ceiling to cut it off. Many businesses in traditional models would have to purchase large amounts of storage at bulk discounts. They may not need all the data, take years to utilize their investment and still have to make upgrades in large chunks. With scalable cloud storage you pay by the data and bandwidth you use. It is that simple.
3. Redundancy allows for data to have ensured access. Redundancy is storing the same information on multiple machines. This way, if power supply failures happen, corruption of files or outright failure take place – the data is kept safe and is still accessible. This is the digital-age variation of “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” methodology.
4. The cost is cheaper! Cloud storage is simply cheaper by basic principles that when you buy in bulk, the cost is lowered. The entity buying in bulk, such as PHN Solutions, INC., is able to pass those savings to the clients. The cloud storage providers make money while the clients save money rather than using traditional storage methods. It is a win-win situation!
5. The clients don’t have to manage a thing. With cloud storage, the provider manages the data and is responsible for the safeguarding, integrity and all functionality of the hardware. This will free a business from having to dedicate unnecessary resources that their spending on their information technology needs. They can focus more on what their business is about and not waste resources by devoting staff to matters than experts can handle more efficiently and cheaper.

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